Kayaking in the Musandam fjords in Oman

Last November, we left without the children (iii) to enjoy a week of independent kayaking in Musandam in Oman. Before telling you everything, I’ll let you know: it was so cool !! Here it is, it is said, now I go into detail :-). Go to the end of the article, I made a little video that gives an overview of what we saw!

How did we get the idea? (I am often asked the question!) We wanted to visit Oman with family, and I wanted to take the opportunity to do some kayaking. But while searching, I came across stays at Altai Oman, which are not accessible with children, but which we really liked, so we abandoned our children… Thank you, beautiful mom and beautiful dad !!

Stay with Altai Oman

We went on a stay “organized” by Altai Oman. In other words, everything is planned on-site, and nothing has been prepared! We found that logical because we couldn’t see ourselves renting a kayak (we never really did…) and roll my hen!

We booked the trip alone. That is to say that we had an appointment at Dubai airport and the same for the return. I managed for the plane, and we took advantage of 2 additional nights in Dubai (one at the beginning and one at the end) to visit more of the city independently. I will tell you in another article.

Our group was 12 people, so a small group. We were the only ones to book directly, the other participants came with NomadeAventure.

Food for our kayaking trip for 12. It’s still getting ready!

Where is Musandam?

After about 3 hours drive from Dubai airport, we are at the end of the horn in Omani territory! The region is called Musandam, and the city is Khasab. Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates, so we have changed countries and are in an Omani enclave, isolated from the rest of the country. Having stayed only in the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we will not be able to tell you if there is a difference between the countries!Book full-day tour

Facing us is Iran. We are in the Strait of Hormuz were more than 30% of the world’s crude oil transit…. between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. It is a highly strategic and closely watched place. The army is there, and we will see army boats patrolling.

Our kayaking itinerary in Sham Bay

We had an appointment at 3:30 am at the Dubai airport… Not great for sleep because we squatted at the airport, but he didn’t want us to sleep on the floor…: – / I don’t understand why he capsules are not available in all airports for sleeping, to be rented by the hour … We find the group, and we try to sleep while driving. We will then have the opportunity to sleep in a real bed, between 7:30 am and 10:30 am, where we are given to prepare our business! Preparation of the kayak package (I specify all this below), and it left in the afternoon for the first navigation!

Let’s go for 6 days of kayaking to explore Sham Bay! The bivouacs are chosen gradually by the guide according to fatigue, weather conditions, etc.… I don’t know how far or how long we paddle each day because I didn’t take a watch!

We explore the different paradisiacal beaches, the villages which seem completely depopulated (but in fact not really). Around us, the landscape is desert as rarely seen. We had gone to the south of Algeria, to the Sahara, that is true, but we were there in January, so here we are much warmer. It is extremely arid. There is no water at all, drinking water arrives by boat in the villages. Nature is really hostile, and you can’t imagine living here for a second. The only way to reach the communities is by sea because there is no road. On the other hand, by a will of the state, there is water (by boat) and electricity in all the villages.

Kayaking is physical, but have never really done it before, we did well. These are two-seater kayaks. But we were exhausted in the evening anyway 🙂. In the evening, we bivouacked on the beaches. The relief does not lend itself too much to short walks from the beach. Also, from the first evening, we crossed the road of a horned viper … It cooled our enthusiasm for a walk! On the second evening, I’m sure I saw a coyote or an Arabian wolf in the night. I only saw its shadow in the moonlight, but I recognized a dog who came to see our camp. But there isn’t a stray dog where we were … so it was a wolf or a coyote.