Agile Project Management: 12 Key Principles, 4 Big Hurdles

The Agile project management methodology comes with tons of hurdles. However, if the company follows the principles of this method, then they will not face much problem. Here are the 12 most important principles of Agile methodology which every company is required to follow.

Principles Of Agile Methodology

The 12 principles of Agile project management is designed to help the company in handling the projects with this method.

  • The company should always keep customer satisfaction as its highest priority. To achieve this, the team needs to make rapid and continuous delivery of the products
  • The company can change the environment of the project at any moment, and the team should be able to adapt to the changes and work accordingly. This is done so that the customer would get a competitive advantage
  • The product or service which is delivered should be done with high frequency
  • The involvement of stakeholders and developers is required in the project, daily.
  • The teams should be provided with all the required tools and support, and one should trust them to achieve the goals. Meanwhile, the stakeholders and developers should remain motivated and should motivate the team as well
  • There should be face to face meetings every day as it is the most efficient method to know about the daily progress of the project
  • The final working product is considered as the ultimate success
  • Sustainable development can only be accomplished with the Agile process, where the development teams and the stakeholders can maintain a constant pace with the team.
  • With the help of continuous focus on the technical part and with proper design, the agility can be improved.
  • The essential element in the Agile methodology is simplicity
  • The self-organizing teams develop the best architectures and designs which are deemed to meet with the requirements of the project
  • Regular intervals and sprints should be used by the teams to improve efficiency. The practice of fine-tuning is essential during such intervals.

These are the 12 principles that the Agile methodology has incorporated. A company that has adapted to the Agile method of project management should follow these principles and work according to it. If a company does not follow these principles, then it would lead to problems in the projects.

Hurdles In Agile Methodology

Agile methodology not only comes with benefits but also with some major hurdles. Here are some of the major hurdles that a company faces while using the Agile method of project management.

The transition from Waterfall to Agile: This is one of the major problems that the companies face while adapting to the Agile method. As previously, these companies were using the waterfall approach, the Agile method takes time to incorporate with the team members. The members have to work on individual tasks and have to follow the principles of the Agile method. In addition to that, there are several meetings and involvement with clients. This might lead to confusion and problems.

Financial clashes: Another major hurdle that the companies face is financial clashes. While changing to the Agile method, the company has to invest a certain amount of money in implementing the appropriate tools and hiring Agile project managers. This might lead to major financial problems, which might further create problems for the company.

No planning: Most of the companies implement the Agile methodology without any proper planning. Without proper planning, it would be difficult for the team to work with this method. The agile method mainly focuses on teamwork and cooperation, and if a company does not have these two properties, it will become difficult to install the Agile method in the company.

No Resistance To Change: Agile method introduces the concept of change in the company. While the traditional approach does not incorporate any change in the projects, the Agile method accepts change with open arms. Due to this, the company needs to accept changes else. The implementation of Agile methodology would only lead to losses.

These were the major problems that companies face while installing Agile methodology in the office. However, by following the rules or principles of the Agile method, a company can overcome the hurdles easily and do the projects with maximum outputs. Moreover, Agile methodology is the latest project management approach, which has bought many advantages to the companies, and hence it is highly advised to use this mode of project management.